Addiction Services

A Renewed Mind provides an array of substance abuse and mental health services tailored to fit the unique needs of each individual.


Each client at A Renewed Mind is an integral part of a successful solution; they are an active participant in all services provided. Clients have the opportunity to receive and develop proven recovery skills that work.


In close collaboration with A Renewed Mind staff, recovery strategies based on a client's strengths and sober support system come together in an individualized yet comprehensive Recovery Plan that addresses the underlying issues.

Intensive Outpatient 

IOP is an intensive outpatient program for youth and adults struggling with alcohol and/or drug use.


IOP meetings are 3 days per week, approximately 3-4 hours per day for a period of 12 weeks. Building on each client’s strengths and family and community support, clients actively participate in developing a Recovery Plan that includes recovery skills development and various proven interventions to use when struggling with the motivation to change.


Case Management services assist clients with linkage to sober supportive activities in the community. Family members, sober supportive peers, and other stakeholders are encouraged to participate in services as well.


Finally, urine screens are collected weekly at random times.

Comprehensive Recovery Plan

  • Quitting Drugs and Alcohol

  • Preventing Relapse

  • Social Skills Development

  • Building Sober Support Activities

  • Choosing Sober Supportive Friends and Activities

  • Managing Depression and Anxiety

  • Mastering Anger Techniques

  • Keys to Effective Conflict Resolution


SA2 (Substance Abuse-Self Awareness)

The SA2 program is a combination of bi-weekly individual, group, and family counseling and case management support that typically meets for 2 hours per visit for 10 weeks.


Basic recovery education and activities build a foundation for skills development. Again, family and community support members are asked to actively participate in treatment planning and its fulfillment.


Special Note: A Renewed Mind specializes in 'Gender  & Age Specific' programs!

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