Adult Services

Adult Addiction Treatment

Outpatient and Inpatient treatment services include group and individual therapy sessions to support adults in overcoming their addictions and/or to deal with the consequences of substance use.


Length and frequency of treatment is based on your needs and progress in treatment.

Designed for adult individuals who benefit from a more structured setting for overcoming their addiction.

This intensive outpatient program is a gender specific substance use disorder treatment program that provides a minimum of 9 hours of treatment per week.


Treatment is provided through group therapy and individual sessions in an outpatient treatment setting.


Treatment can take place in the evenings to accommodate work and school schedules, allowing the individual to remain in his/her community.


Outpatient case management can be provided in conjunction with intensive outpatient addiction treatment.

Medication Assisted Recovery


A Renewed Mind provides highly structured Medication Assisted Recovery services in our outpatient and intensive outpatient programs and in The Renewal Center serving the four county region (Williams, Fulton, Defiance & Henry counties).

Medications used include Suboxone, Zubsolv, and Vivitrol. As a participant in Medication Assisted Recovery programs you are required to participate in supportive services, including drug testing, individual and group counseling, and case management, as appropriate.

You must agree to the rules of the treatment program and are enrolled in behavioral contracts in order to prevent diversion and increase the potential for successful recovery.

Adult Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

The Adult Outpatient staff provide evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and care coordination to adults 18 years and older. 


Services include accessing and integrating supportive resources to assist you in maintaining or enhancing your quality of life.


You and a community psychiatric supportive treatment provider or licensed therapist plan together to achieve higher levels of functioning in work or school environments, in family or social relationships, and in daily living activities.


We provide individual and group treatments in a variety of topic areas and offer a more intensive day treatment.

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Adult Psychiatry

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A Renewed Mind provides psychiatric treatment services to adults, ages 18 and older.


These are available in both an outpatient setting and in conjunction with the Adult Day Treatment Program and The Renewal Center.


The physicians at A Renewed Mind work closely with you to find the best course of treatment for you. 


Out approach is coordinated, collaborative program with counseling and ongoing support integrated into the treatment plan to supplement any medications. 

Adult Transitions Program

The Adult Transitions Program is designed to provide intensive case management and treatment focused on reducing and eliminating the barriers to successfully transitioning to adulthood for at-risk individuals, ages 17-25, with severe emotional disorders/severe and persistent mental illness.


Eligible individuals include clients who have “aged out” of the child foster system, clients who are homeless or at significant risk of homelessness, and clients who did not complete a high school education and have been unable to find stable employment.

Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment providers and licensed therapists work with these individuals to identify specific life goals, immediate barriers, and needs and then work to create a treatment plan that allows these clients to overcome the barriers that their diagnosis and environmental factors have created to success and a high quality of life. 

Adult  Men’s Residential Treatment 

A Renewed Mind offers a  Residential Substance Abuse Treatment program for men who are unable to overcome their addiction while remaining in their home and community.


This program provides 6-8 hours of treatment daily, focusing on both addiction treatment and the mental health issues impacting addiction. Volunteer and social activities are also incorporated to increase positive social and coping skills.


Family involvement is encouraged and structured home visits are incorporated into the program to maximize success upon discharge and reintegration.