Children's & Family Services

Child & Youth Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

Our child and youth outpatient staff provide evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and care coordination to children and their families.


Services include accessing and integrating supportive resources to assist the family in achieving and maintaining a functional family environment.


Clients, guardians, and community psychiatric supportive treatment providers or licensed therapists plan together to achieve higher levels of functioning in home and school environments and in family relationships.

Individual and group treatments are provided in a variety of topic areas including trauma focused treatment, behavioral problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and adjustment to environmental problems (divorce, moving, loss, etc). 

Youth Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient treatment provides therapy in group and individual sessions and case management, as needed, to support adolescent individuals in overcoming their addictions and/or to deal with the consequences of substance use.


Length and frequency of treatment is based on each individual client’s need and progress in treatment.

Youth Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Designed for adolescent individuals who benefit from a more structured setting for overcoming their addiction, the Intensive Outpatient Program is a gender specific substance use disorder treatment program that provides a minimum of 6 hours of treatment per week.


Treatment is provided through group therapy and individual sessions in an outpatient treatment setting and includes random drug testing. Treatment is scheduled to take place after school to allow the individual to remain in his/her community.

Case management services may be provided in conjunction with Intensive Outpatient Treatment to increase the potential for success in recovery.

School Break

Treatment Programs

A Renewed Mind offers a number of School Break Treatment Programs in various locations throughout the region.


These are skill building programs for A Renewed Mind children who have severe emotional disturbances and who require structure and support during school holidays.


Through games and activities, children learn important behaviors like sharing, helping, and cooperation. Art, music, and drama help build self-esteem and expression.


These activities, along with appropriate group and individual treatment, create the structure needed to maintain the child’s success and stability – even when school is out.

Child Psychiatry

A Renewed Mind provides child psychiatry services to children, ages 3-17, with mental health diagnoses.


The physicians at A Renewed Mind will work with the parents or guardians to evaluate, diagnose, and create a plan for treatment that will support the child’s success.


When this includes medication, the physician will coordinate with other treatment provides and family support systems to ensure a collaborative approach is used. 

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