You are not the only one struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your safety and that of our staff is a primary concern during COVID-19 pandemic. Most of our services are offered via telehealth by phone, computer or tablet. However if you choose to visit one of our offices we have specific regulations in place. In accordance with Ohio rules,  OhioGuidestone kindly asks you to do the following:


* Do not come to our offices if you are feeling ill or have any of the common symptoms associated with COVID-19 including:

A fever, respiratory symptoms such as dry cough or shortness of breath, sore throat, headache, body ache, chills, loss of taste or smell.


* Wear a mask when visiting our offices. (We will provide a disposable mask if you do not have one.)


* Check with your provider on whether to wait in car, outside or text when you arrive.

We will practice social distancing of 6 feet apart between service provider and client and in any group meetings or in the reception area.


We will frequently clean high-touch surfaces, restrooms and provide hand sanitizer and masks to use.


For more information on our Plan, please contact the Manager at the office you plan to visit or ask your provider.

Disruptions to daily routines, fear of getting sick, economic loss and constant uncertainty about what comes next are creating an environment where we must talk about and recognize struggles with mental health or addiction.

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Whether you’ve had issues in the past or are experiencing them for the first time … sometimes just knowing you are not alone, can make things better.

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Less Ability to Cope During the Pandemic

If your ability to function or handle everyday life and daily tasks has taken a nose dive, recognize that asking for help is OK.


OhioGuidestone is committed to being flexible in providing the best care for our clients. That’s why we’ve removed any barriers to access and are continuing to provide client-focused and evidence-based mental health treatment that’s convenient for you.

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  • In-person, individual therapy counseling at locations in Lucas, Hancock, Wood, Fulton, Henry, Williams and Defiance counties.

  • Telehealth individual counseling on phone, tablet or computer

  • Group meetings either by telehealth or in our offices with a range of hours

OhioGuidestone is an advocate for clients to receive Medicaid and private insurance coverage for all mental health treatment necessary during and following this pandemic.

Our programs and care are centered on you as a unique individual. No one is alike and no circumstances are the same. Through assessment, we’ll recommend a treatment that is holistic, respectful and empowering.

Things you may be experiencing during COVID-19:

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Anxiety & Depression

Feelings of anxiousness, sadness and concern when left unchecked can get worse. More and more people are recognizing that these are not little things that will just go away, but rather they need to be addressed so they don’t get bigger.

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Work is Hard

Almost 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment. Fear of losing your home, supporting your family are part of the equation. For those still working, fear of workplace safety, new routines working from home and unmanageable workloads all impact mental health.

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Parenting is Hard

Parents are taking on more intensive role’s in their child’s day-to-day life, all while being stuck home more than ever. It’s a lot and it can take a toll.

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Increased Substance Abuse

It’s not surprising that substance abuse has increased during the pandemic. Increased use of alcohol or trying narcotics can seem like an easy way out of the spiral, when all it’s really doing is creating more chaos. Recovery strategies based on your strengths and support system can come together for a comprehensive plan that addresses underlying issues.

Need for More Support

COVID-19 has turned the volume up for mental health issues for so many people. You have local options to help you through these tough times. Just reach out to connect and know you are not alone.

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