Intensive Outpatient Treatment

(Gender Specific Groups Available)

IOP is an intensive outpatient program for clients struggling with alcohol and/or drug use. IOP treatment is 3-4 days per week, approximately 3 hours per day for a period of 12 weeks, building on each client’s strengths, family, and community support. Clients actively participate in developing their own treatment plan. 

Various evidence based models, including 7 challenges, are used to build upon each client's strengths to address their individual unique need. 


Clients learn to develop life / recovery skills that are helpful to work through life struggles.


IOP Staff works closely with the juvenile and adult judicial system including treatment and re-entry courts, when applicable.

Case Management services assist clients with linkage to sober supportive activities in the community.


Family members, sober supportive peers, and other stakeholders are encouraged to participate in services as well. Urine analysis is provided weekly at random times.


Aegis Science Corporation actively participates with ARM to provide further forensic laboratory services when necessary.

  • Family will be asked to participate with the client throughout services.


  • Families will be offered the opportunity to get involved with a family group and/or individual sessions based on the client's needs.


  • Parents who have a child in treatment will have the opportunity to gain awareness and have a better understanding about: treatment services, substance use behaviors, legal obligations, educational information, and any other concerns that the parents have in order to assist their child.