Medical Records

To request client records from A Renewed Mind, the “Authorization for Release of Information” form must be completed and signed by the client or legal guardian, if the client is a minor.

Please complete ALL fields on the form before signing and dating it. Incomplete fields may result in a delay to fulfilling the request for records. Any records that contain alcohol/drug use diagnosis, referral or treatment are protected by 42 Code of Federal Regulation Part 2 and require specific permission from the client to be released.

  • Client name and date of birth help us to select the correct records

  • Recipient information should include the preferred method to receive the information whether fax or mail. Records can be provided via email but will be encrypted and require password protection.

  • Type of information to be released should be checked or specified. No alcohol/drug diagnosis, referral, or treatment information will be disclosed without specifically identifying it as permitted to release.

  • Indicate the purpose of the disclosure.


The form may be returned to A Renewed Mind via


A Renewed Mind will respond to the request for records within 30 days of receiving the request.