Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Used as a stepdown program from IOP or as it's own treatment, as appropriate to each client's needs, SA2 is a non-intensive out patient program that combines weekly individual, group counseling, and case management support. 

SA2 group sessions are 2 days per week, approximately 2½ hours per day for a period of 8 weeks. Individual sessions will be scheduled each week with the client, building on each client’s strengths and family and community support. 

Clients actively participate in developing their own unique treatment plan

SA2 utilizes the 7 Challenges Model as an evidence based practice along with other treatment modalities including the twelve step facilitation and stages of change models.  


Clients will focus on relapse strategies and continue to develop life/recovery skills. 

Christina Rodriguez,
 IOP Program Director

  • Family will be asked to participate with the client throughout services.


  • Urine screens are collected weekly at random times.


  • SA2 is a combination of weekly individual, group, and case management support.

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