School Based Services

A Renewed Mind has partnered with schools in various counties and cities throughout Northwest Ohio to provide mental health and substance abuse treatment in the school setting.


Students are referred through the school staff based on significant changes in academic performance, behavior problems, emotional regulation problems or stressors in the home that are affecting school functioning.


These students receive a full diagnostic assessment and have the support of case management staff and licensed therapists in the schools to help with coping skills, attention, de-escalation and other treatment as needed.

Services are provided in conjunction and coordination with the services the school district may offer, such as school counselor services, guidance counselor services or prevention education services and primarily serve the students who are in need of services of a more intensive nature than the school staff are prepared to provide.


Case Management and outpatient or home based counseling is also available for these students after school to help address any needs in the family that may be impacting school success.

Below are some of the school with whom we partner:

Marshall Elementary

Polly Fox Academy

North Pointe Academy

Spring Elementary

Garfield Elementary

Holloway Elementary

Genoa Elementary 

Anthony Wayne High School

Great Expectations Elementary

Toledo Public Schools